Keep track of who owes who.

A multi platform application where you can create groups and save payments. An algorithm calculates the best way to pay your debts.

Laptop Mobile

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Best way to keep your payments professional with your friends and your family.

Modern Design

We are working to keep everything simple and easy to use. With a modern design everything is easily accessible. You can reach every function with a maximum of 2 clicks.

Desktop Mobile
Tablet Mobile

Mobile application

Primarily the app was created for mobile devices (Android). You can dowload it as a PWA application.

  1. Go to web app
  2. Wait for the message to pop up
  3. Click on: "Add to home screen."
Google PWA tutorial

As simple as it sounds

Sign up
You can sign up with a Google account.
Create groups
Add your friends with username or send an invite link.
Create payments
Add who payed, when, how much and in whose place.
Calculate debts
Check whom you owe and who owes you.

We help making your life simpler.

Enjoy your time with your friends.

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